New Generation School of Les Cayes

Strengthening tomorow's future.

We are committed to providing for the well-being of the children of Haiti. By providing educational resources, support, and funds; with prayer, we hope to show the love of the Lord to the most vulnerable children in Haiti.

Our School

Currently with 400 children and 20 instructors, A New Generation 4 Haiti is well on the way in establishing the groundwork for an enduring impact on the lives of Haiti's children. Through our fundraising activities, our aim is to continue furnishing quality school supplies, clean uniforms, and healthy lunches to these children in need.


In order to provide the kind of education and resources for our children, A New Generation 4 Haiti relies on the generosity of partners in Haiti and around the world. By supporting NewGen Haiti financially, you will ensure the continued support of the children in Les Cayes and the further development of our capacity to care for an ever increasing number of children.

Capital Campaign

With 400 children and ever increasing demand for admission, we are beginning construction on new classrooms and, in time, an on site dormitory that will provide housing for the orphans in our community. With such an ambitious undertaking, our ability to move forward in our expansion is dependent upon support from any and all who recognize the value of our mission.